Social Media Marketing can be simply defined as marketing strategy to gain new unique customers from social media to targeted website. Billions of people uses Social media to interact with family or friends, hence it can be used as a medium for gaining traffic to your website.

How can Social Media be used as a Marketing Tool?

Consider the fact that 95% users who make a search are likely to go with the first 3 search results. Getting your website on search engines first page through organic search is the only goal to strive for while you are optimizing a website. Social media marketing is also based on the principle of organic search.

Benefits of Using Social Media as Marketing Tool:-

Social media backlinks

Social media sites can be used to generate high authority backlinks for your site, while most of these sites have ‘no follow’ tag enabled for search engines. But there are some sites like Pinterest where you can put up some backlinks on boards.

Improved Search Engine rankings

Search engines have started including social media presence as a search ranking factor from past few months. Though search engine ranking factors keep changing time to time, but having strong presence on Social Network today will definitely help you in future.

Higher Conversion rates

What people like they follow on Social media. In fact social media has 100% inbound lead rate. Having interaction with your consumers on social media or understanding their needs can boost up your conversion rates.

Sharing is caring

Create awesome content so users can’t stop themselves sharing the content.

Direct Feedback

Social media marketing relies on the fact of collecting users’ feedback so accordingly product or services can be offered. Direct feedback helps in higher leads.

Brand exposure can be increased or built.

Having strong presence on social media increase your brand loyalty or trustworthiness.

Understanding Active SMM and Passive SMM Promotion

Active SMM Promotion: Active SMM promotion may be directly referred to link building campaign. Sharing your website’s content link on various Social Media Websites (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Users who follow your page or liked your previous posts will likely to see your post more often.

Passive SMM Promotion: Analyzing user’s reaction on Social media by sharing status, pictures or tweets. This is most important factor in SMM as it provides real-time users data, simultaneously can be used for conversion and leads.