According to Google 40% of mobile traffic is coming from voice search this year and going to be 50% next year. Today most of Tech Giants are using Voice AI technology as an alternative for traditional search methods on smart computing devices. Today Google has Google Assistant, Apple has Siri, and Amazon has already entered in AI market with ALEXA.

Is Voice Search so important for SEO?

Voice Assistant Users & Penetration

Today Voice Control technology has become mainstream and grown/accepted at a rapid rate in last 2 years. In 2019, Only in United States (US) 111.80 million people will use Voice Assistant at least monthly which is 9.55% more from last year.

 This is equivalent to 39.4% of internet users and 33.8% of the total population of US.

Why we need Voice Search/Benefits of Voice Search?

  • Voice search is faster than typing a search query.
  • It requires fewer efforts.
  • We need quick answers.

How does Voice Search will affect SEO in 2020?

Only the first mover or fast mover wins in this technological advancement era. SEO tactics we are using from past few years will be affected by these figures.

So first understand users have adopted Voice search technology and you should also optimize your website for Siri (Alexa & Siri both uses Bing search results) and Google Assistant. 

Address Queries in your Blog Post

Data shows that people uses Voice search for getting answers of their queries. Most of the queries on Google Assistant starts with What, When, Where, Why & How?

Write your posts in answer to queries as example below:

Articles Be Like: –

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  • 2. 50 Best Practices for SEO That Will Ignite Growth
  • 3. SEO best practices — 17 tips to seriously improve SEO.

Address queries answers in your blog post, Social media posts and community forums.

Focus on long tail keywords

Implement long tail keywords in your posts as queries originating from Voice search are 5-6 word long. We are focusing on long tail keywords from last 10 years for better SEO results; the same has not been changed with voice search. You can address queries in long tail keywords better.

Think like Human

Don’t go out of the Box. Understand how people ask questions, what kind of question, are you answering questions in your blog posts. If your answer is no then you are going to lose your 50% traffic in 2020.

Localization of Content

While using voice search people generally speak 1-2 words in their natural language. Provide as much as local content so your content snippet will be on top of search results on all Voice Command Devices.


 Many of these eventualities seem like far-off possibilities at best, and there’s no way of being certain how they will pan out. How should marketers go about optimizing for voice now and in the near future?

Also we can’t ignore the fact that 50% of traffic to internet will come from voice search, so optimizing your website this year will definitely boost your traffic.