I am not getting a project on Guru.com from last 7 months even after 59 bids, tried every suggestion available on the internet an engineering graduate told me last week. Quite obvious if you don’t have any ratings, portfolio and reviews or new to the platform it may happen with anyone who signed up with platforms like Guru & Upwork with wish to add some projects to their bags.

I asked him tell me why anyone trusts you on such platforms? Or offer a $1000 project easily. He answered you are right but how can I get a project on Guru.com. So here I am sharing some great tips and methods which will help you to bag your first project instantly. Having no ratings, the most important thing is you have to prove you can do that work you are trying to get. 

So first research what type of work you wanted to do, and are you really skilled enough for it. So browse other people’s profile and compare with their skills. So you will know what extra things you should know than your main skill. 

Create a great profile

The overview section of your profile is the most important part in your profile which set apart you from other competitors.

 Second important thing in your profile should be your work portfolio or sample work. Also include your work terms so that Employers can see how you actually work.

Third important thing you should add to your Guru profile is services; try to add keyword based services.

Clearly Communicate your Minimum rate and payment related information

Being new to the platform doesn’t mean you should mention lowest rates; you are new to the platform not to the field.

So double check your hourly rates and bidding info.

Don’t Copy & Proposals and Cover Letter

While making a bid just discuss about the project information don’t tell about your personal information or stories.

You can go for paid Q & A before the project